Committee Members will be appointed by the Board of Directors to serve a one year term and may be reappointed at time of election of a new board.  Committee Members will be voted on by the board and a majority vote of the board will be required in order for the Member to be eligible.  All committee members must be a member in good standing with the Stone Ridge, Phase 1, HOA, Inc in order to serve.  A member of a committee will become ineligible if the member becomes in violation of the Deed Restrictions.  The board may vote to remove any committee member at any time.  Each Committee should have at least 2 members.  Committee members will report to the Board of Directors as requested.  The committee members will be required to report to the board of directors and have no authority to act on behalf of the board of directors.

The following is a list of approved committees:

1) Health and Safety Committee – The HSC will bring suggestions and ideas of how to improve Health and Safety regarding specific concerns within Stone Ridge, Phase 1, HOA Inc.

2) Beautification Committee – The BC will be responsible for coming up with suggestions recommendations regarding the beautification of Stone Ridge, HOA, Phase 1 common areas.  This could include a yard of the month program.

3) Community Hospitality – The CH Committee will be responsible for planning and organizing community events within Stone Ridge HOA Phase 1.  This also includes welcoming to new members.  (This could include trick or treating, block parties, city garage sale and other events.)

4) Restrictive Covenant/Deed Restrictions Committee – This committee will assist the board with revisions and additions of the current deed restrictions. All suggestions and or recommendations will be reviewed by the committee and an opinion will be issued to the board for review for approval to be submitted to the residents for final changes. (within the guidelines of the restrictions and by laws).

5) Elections Committee – The EC will be responsible for assisting the Secretary with all board elections.  If a member of the elections committee is related to candidate in any way or becomes a candidate that member will automatically be removed from the committee and the board will appoint a new committee member or members.

If you are interested in serving on a committee or would like more information on committees please contact:


Stone Ridge, Phase 1, HOA Inc.