Stone Ridge, Phase 1, HOA Inc.

Please contact Vice-President Richard Brinegar for more information.


Stone Ridge HOA bids will be open until a final decision is voted on by the board of directors or until project needs to be completed.

Open for Bids:

Currently we are seeking bids for:

  • Concrete Work needed at Recreation Area. (Open July 1, closes soon)
  • Lawn Care Service for HOA Property. (Open July 1, Closes 7/30/2022)
  • Lawn Care Service for HOA Property. (open June 1, Closes 7/15/2021)
  • Lawn Care Service for HOA Property. (open 1/1/19, closes 2/1/19)
  • Concrete Work at Recreation Area. (open 7/15/18)
  • Bookkeeping Services (open 1/1/18, closes 1/31/18)
  • Canopy Cover for Slab at recreation area (open 7/18/17)
  • Leveling of slab at recreation area (open 4/18/17)
  • Irrigation System work (open 4/18/17)
  • Electrical Work to connect new mailboxes to current meter. (open 4/05/17)
  • Property Management Company to process violations. (Closed 4/18/17)
  • Removal of Concrete Restroom Facility on Stone Ridge. (Closed 6/1/16)
  • Repairs to the mailbox center roof. (Closed 5/3/15)
  • Landscaping and Maintenance (Opened January 1, 2015-Closed March 13, 2015)
  • Electrical work to complete front entrance sign and median. (Closed)